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Contest Rule



Q: Does this have to be drawn in an anime style?

No, it doesn't have to be drawn in an anime style. Any style (realistic, Picasso, American comic) is OK. Although, since most voters are anime fans, I think you'll have a better chance with an anime style.

Q: Does it have to be colored?

No, it doesn't have to be colored. It can be done in black and white. Pencil, color pencil, ink, photoshop, painter, oekaki, anything is allowed. But usually most people prefers color...

Q: Is collaboration allowed?

Yes, you can collaborate with as many people as you want. But when you submit, please write down who you worked with.

Q: How do I submit?

Just post your drawing on Tsunami Channel Forum's ENTRY thread. Since ENTRY thread is pinned, usually you can find the thread on top. If you don't have a website where you can host your image, just e-mail to akira@fstream.net. I'll host your drawing for you.

Q: What image format is allowed?

GIF, JPEG, PNG are allowed. I think I can handle other formats (like PSD, BMP) too, but please try using normal image formats.

Q: What image size allowed?

Please don't make image too big. Keep it smaller than 800 by 800 pixels. And keep image file size smaller than 200KB.

Theme Ideas

  1. Angel/faries.
  2. Fashion (Medival, Goth, Japanese kimono, etc).
  3. A best couple. Kiss scene is ok, but no love scene.
  4. Party dress. Prom. Girl in dress and guy in taxido.
  5. Cooking contest. Your character holding his/her cooked meal.
  6. Singing contest. (your characters siging their favorite songs)
  7. Job Professional contest (police, waitress, etc)
  8. Futuristic.
  9. Mystical Creatures. (Unicorn, pegasus, and other fantasy creatures)
  10. Furry
  11. Dance Dance Revolution. Your character dancing to DDR music.
  12. Kung Fu
  13. Simple animation contest

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